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Waterfront Shipping website

Waterfront Shipping, a subsidiary of Methanex Corporation, is a global marine transportation company specializing in the safe, responsible and reliable transport of bulk chemicals and clean petroleum products.

They had a pretty basic static HTML website that was originally designed in 2008. While they felt the website was generally still serving their needs in terms of structure and information, it needed updates and improvements.

Work performed:

  • Ported the current static HTML website to the Drupal 8 content management system, to allow for easier content updates by staff members
  • Implemented a modular content architecture leveraging the Paragraphs module, providing a solid base that allows for future development and design iterations
  • Refreshed the website design to bring it inline with modern web standards and to and better reflect the company‚Äôs brand standards and guidelines.
  • Implement a responsive Drupal 8 theme using the Drupal theme will use the Bootstrap front-end framework and the Drupal Bootstrap base theme.
  • Migrated the website to a VPS server suitable for Drupal 8
  • Provided training to content editors on Drupal 8 and the particular content editing workflows for their new website.

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance for the website.

Link: Waterfront Shipping website