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Rex Rana Design and Development builds great websites with Drupal and WordPress. We use simplicity, elegance and intuitiveness to help you reach your goals.

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Web Design and Development

We'll help you build a website that delivers the right information to your visitors efficiently and intuitively. We'll also make sure it looks great on every device and platform. 

Graphic Design

Make a visual impact! We design logos, illustrations, business cards, promotional materials, reports and just about any document or publication.


Need to learn how to edit your website content or to learn the latest software? Have a group of employees that need to be trained on your application? We can devise a training plan to meet your needs.

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Recent content

WordCamp Vancouver 2016

WordCamp Vancouver - Do it in code!

I presented my talk, "Do it in code!", on creating custom plugins for site structure at WordCamp Vancouver on Saturday, August 27, 2016. Here are the slides, and all the resources and links I mentioned in the presentation.

Resolving Composer dependency issues in Drupal 8.4.x update

The 8.4.x update to Drupal introduced a lot of headaches to the update process when managing your site dependencies with Composer. In this article I'll run through the issues I faced during this update, and what I ended up doing to resolve them and update Drupal from version 8.3.7 to 8.4.4.

HTTPS in 2018

I presented a talk all about HTTPS and SSL in 2018, and why it is so important to use this secure protocol on your website.

collection of cookbooks and recipes printed from the internet

Creating a Recipe Database with FileMaker

Many people have a large the collection of recipes, cobbled together over the years, clipped from newspapers and magazines, passed down from parents and grandparents, from cookbooks and online recipe sites. How to go about organizing these recipes? Let's explore the possibilities...

Hélène Chevrette website

Hélène Chevrette is a fitness instructor, teaching yoga (hatha and yin), pilates and body rolling. The website was launched in October 2010 and is built with WordPress.

How to natively install Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP on Windows
Usually when doing PHP web development on Windows, the reccomended route is to use a virtual machine based solution such as Vagrant to run a true LAMP (Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL or MariaDB database, and PHP) stack. Sometimes there are reasons why you might not want a virtualized sever, but a native Windows install, or WAMP. As we'll see in this tutorial, it is not all that difficult to get a native WAMP stack running.