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Code Contributions

Custom Query Shortcode - WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin that implements the WP_Query functionality as a shortcode. It also allows you to embed queries within the body of a page or post. The plugin also allows you to customize the output of the results, either inline with html, or through custom templates, or “lenses”, as they are called within this plugin. You can even output your results using Bootstrap Tabs, Accordion, or Carousel widgets, which makes it quite easy to integrate with a Bootstrap-based theme.

Taxonomy icon classes - output

Taxonomy Icon Classes

This Drupal module provides a formatter for Taxonomy term reference fields, that allows you to display an icon corresponding to each of the terms. You create taxonomy terms that correspond to your icon classes, minus the prefixes, and the module will spit them out as HTML <i> tags with the correct classes applied.

More Vectors - web icon font

A vector icon font providing up to date versions of some of the most popular services, social media and websites.

vagrant recipe for Drupal and WordPress

Vagrant recipe for Drupal and WordPress development

This is a Vagrant recipe for WordPress and Drupal development.

Fluid Baseline Grid Redux

The Fluid Baseline Grid Redux is a CSS framework built with typographic standards in mind and combines principals of fluid-column layouts, baseline grids and mobile-first responsive design into a resolution independent and device agnostic framework.

Simple Grey WordPress theme

A WordPress theme that presents information in a nice, clean layout, and lets the content shine.

FileMaker Pro recipe database

A basic recipe database for use on an iPad with FileMaker Go