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Privacy Statement

At Rex Rana, we respect your right to privacy. We use analytics tools to study the traffic to our website, but do so in the most minimal way possible, and take measures to limit the data we collect. We do not use any other tracking or marketing tool. We do not share the information we collect with any third parties.

Contact Forms

We use contact forms to recieve information requests from visitors to the website you want to get in touch with us. Our contact form collects your name, email address and the message you want to send to us. The information you submit via the contact form will not be used for any other purpose than to respond directly to your inquiry.


Occasionally, we will post surveys on various topics. The surveys may include fields for contct information, but will be made optional. The survey results will only be used for our information, and to inform the content of this website. We may post aggregate data from the survey on this website, but we will never include any personal information.

Spam Protection with CAPTCHAs

To deal with the issue of submission spam on our comment, contact and survey forms, we may employ a CAPTCHA, or a "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". This will present the "I am not a robot" type challenges to attempt to determnine whether a visitor is a human or a machine or bot. We use the Google reCAPTCHA service for this purpose, which will collect some data - more info on data collected by this service can be found on Google's Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics - website visitor analysis

This website uses Google Analytics to record generalized data about website visitors sessions. This allows us to get a high-level overview of traffic on the site.

We apply the following measures to limit tracking of personally identifiable data via Google Analytics:

What we track:

  • Page views – the URLs of the pages you visit on this website
  • Clicks on:
    • internal links (within this site)
    • outbound links (links to other websites)
    • email links
    • file downloads
  • Search queries
    • search terms used on our site’s internal search function
    • search terms used on Google search that result in a visit to our website
  • Warning and error messages – so we can troubleshoot any site issues

We do not track:

We do not collect data using any of the following features in Google analytics :

  • User ID feature: This means that we won’t track your activity across devices. Read more
  • Advertising Features
  • Demographics and Interest Reports
  • Remarketing
  • Advertising Reporting features
  • AdSense ads

Opting out

If you do not wish your session on this website to be tracked, we understand. We honour all requests to not be tracked by users. This website is configured to respect the Do Not Track header which can be set in most modern web browesers. If we receive the Do Not Track header from your browser, we will not embed any tracking code into the website, and will not track you at all.

Privacy Resources