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Simple Grey WordPress theme

A WordPress theme that presents information in a nice, clean layout, and lets the content shine.

End-user Features

  • Responsive layout, mobile-friendly - adapts to any screen size and device
  • Custom header support including background image, color, and logo/avatar
  • Main navigation menu styles: flat or drop-down, plus a mobile display for smaller screen sizes
  • 2 main widget areas (secondary/sidebar, footer)
  • 'Feature Page' template that provides a 'featured' widget area, useful for creating landing pages
  • Gallery shortcode support, in thumbnail grid following the 'columns' setting
  • support for the default WordPress Post Formats
  • icon fonts: Font AwesomeGlyphicons and More vectors.

Developer Features

  • HTML5 based templates
  • modular CSS based on SMACSS, using the LESS preprocessing, enabling easy customization
  • uses a Gulp build script for recompiling LESS on the fly, and to copy up-to-date dependencies from 'node_modules' into the theme proper
  • built on top of the _s (underscores) starter theme
  • follows best practices in WordPress theme development

All development of the theme occurs on GitHub. Please file all issues with the theme against the GitHub repository. Pull requests are welcome.

Get Simple Grey:

 WordPress plugin directory